In 2013 I began investigating solar technologies. By mid-2015 I was saving 50% monthly. The topic of going green has always been near and dear to my heart. As technologists, we consume and benefit from so much tech that we rarely stop and think about environmental impact. Whether we each can make a small difference, […]

I’ve been rather quiet for some time; thought I’d provide a quick update on some of what I’d been up to. Would like to start by sharing an observation about enterprise technology customers on Wall street: in the early 90’s we used to differentiate from each other by keeping infrastructure secret sauce close to one’s […]

A few weekend’s ago I had an opportunity to delve into a part of Microsoft Windows security policy land that posed a realistic challenge that is surely faced by many people going through migration activities. Problem statement: Allow Windows 10 systems to get access to file shares created under Microsoft Windows NT. After doing a […]

Like many of you, I have been looking to modernize my home alarm monitoring experience. Over 10 years ago I signed up with a local alarm company who provided a First Alert/Honeywell system at practically very little cost in exchange for a heftily priced 5-year contract. A few years later, when I opted to have […]

I have a Panasonic SMART TV that’s 2+ years old and one of the built-in apps is a Netflix viewer. (I smiled when I noticed a little GNU/Linux license enclosure when I’d been unpacking the unit sometime ago).  Being the holidays and all, decided to give it a go but noticed that the Netflix app […]

South America, and Brazil in particular, are going through a huge set of changes in the banking sector.  Most recent example of HSBC’s decision to sell off assets in Brazil (and Turkey) are only a single indicator of unique market conditions and influence of global interconnectedness.  With government banks accounting for roughly 50% of market share, […]

A few week’s ago our team at VCE had been honored to present an innovative solution to Wall street technologists on the subject of handling a myriad of data ingestion challenges coupled with unique ways to address platform convergence.  The presentation was part of an all-day event organized by the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) […]

At Oracle OpenWorld last week, Christian Bilien – Head of Database team from Société Générale, a French investment bank, talked about reducing complexity and accelerating business transformation through agility of DevOps.  The following are noteworthy metrics from their experience: 1,600 developers 70,000 database refreshes each year 14 zettabyes of data Status quo: a “huge strain on storage […]

This past week I had an opportunity to visit with a number of special folks I am happy to have gotten acquainted with over the years. Fate had me back in the Bay Area for a number of business meetings and I was fortunate to make some time to nourish personal relationships after work (there […]

It was years ago when I was introduced to, and witnessed challenges associated with deploying infrastructure in large organizations. For the end users, the merits of open systems seemed two fold: expect vendors to interoperate with each other – for the greater good of the consumer, and assume i.e. expect an implied nature of having to engage in integration upon […]