DBaaS DevOps convergence in Investment Banking

At Oracle OpenWorld last week, Christian Bilien – Head of Database team from Société Générale, a French investment bank, talked about reducing complexity and accelerating business transformation through agility of DevOps.  The following are noteworthy metrics from their experience:

  • 1,600 developers
  • 70,000 database refreshes each year
  • 14 zettabyes of data

Status quo:

  • a “huge strain on storage arrays in SocGen’s development and testing environments”
  • complaints about poor service delivery quality

Results they’ve achieved:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c allows self service of database resources, less then 15 minutes for a database refreshes
  • Over 5,000 databases controlled by Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Helping free admin staff from manual tasks
  • Became broker of services rather than simple service delivery

Just like my previous Oracle OpenWorld presentations from prior years, Oracle makes the slides available:

The session description is available here

The presentation slides are available here

The ComputerWorld article is available here – and  you had to be there to hear the details of how their Oracle DBaaS cloud is further enabled by VCE Vblock Systems.  There was also another session from UBS banking folks talking about the work they’ve done. Wish I could’ve attended that.

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