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Solar is serious

In 2013 I began investigating solar technologies. By mid-2015 I was saving 50% monthly. The topic of going green has always been near and dear to my heart. As technologists, we consume and benefit from so much tech that we rarely stop and think about environmental impact. Whether we each can make a small difference, […]

WinNT4 server file shares accessible from a Windows 10 desktop

A few weekend’s ago I had an opportunity to delve into a part of Microsoft Windows security policy land that posed a realistic challenge that is surely faced by many people going through migration activities. Problem statement: Allow Windows 10 systems to get access to file shares created under Microsoft Windows NT. After doing a […]

DIY monitoring made easy – my 8 reasons that make it so

Like many of you, I have been looking to modernize my home alarm monitoring experience. Over 10 years ago I signed up with a local alarm company who provided a First Alert/Honeywell system at practically very little cost in exchange for a heftily priced 5-year contract. A few years later, when I opted to have […]

FIX: Netflix hangs on Panasonic TVs

I have a Panasonic SMART TV that’s 2+ years old and one of the built-in apps is a Netflix viewer. (I smiled when I noticed a little GNU/Linux license enclosure when I’d been unpacking the unit sometime ago).  Being the holidays and all, decided to give it a go but noticed that the Netflix app […]

FIX: DVD player unable to play DVDs

Sometime ago I had expanded a Macbook Pro by adding a 2nd internal hard drive in lieu of the built-in DVD drive. Attaching an external DVD drive worked for data DVDs, however once I tried to play a DVD movie, I got a “Valid DVD Drive Could Not be Found [-70012]” error.  A bit of research on […]