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WinNT4 server file shares accessible from a Windows 10 desktop

A few weekend’s ago I had an opportunity to delve into a part of Microsoft Windows security policy land that posed a realistic challenge that is surely faced by many people going through migration activities. Problem statement: Allow Windows 10 systems to get access to file shares created under Microsoft Windows NT. After doing a […]

DIY monitoring made easy – my 8 reasons that make it so

Like many of you, I have been looking to modernize my home alarm monitoring experience. Over 10 years ago I signed up with a local alarm company who provided a First Alert/Honeywell system at practically very little cost in exchange for a heftily priced 5-year contract. A few years later, when I opted to have […]

FIX: Netflix hangs on Panasonic TVs

I have a Panasonic SMART TV that’s 2+ years old and one of the built-in apps is a Netflix viewer. (I smiled when I noticed a little GNU/Linux license enclosure when I’d been unpacking the unit sometime ago).  Being the holidays and all, decided to give it a go but noticed that the Netflix app […]

FIX: DVD player unable to play DVDs

Sometime ago I had expanded a Macbook Pro by adding a 2nd internal hard drive in lieu of the built-in DVD drive. Attaching an external DVD drive worked for data DVDs, however once I tried to play a DVD movie, I got a “Valid DVD Drive Could Not be Found [-70012]” error.  A bit of research on […]