This past week I had an opportunity to visit with a number of special folks I am happy to have gotten acquainted with over the years. Fate had me back in the Bay Area for a number of business meetings and I was fortunate to make some time to nourish personal relationships after work (there […]

It was years ago when I was introduced to, and witnessed challenges associated with deploying infrastructure in large organizations. For the end users, the merits of open systems seemed two fold: expect vendors to interoperate with each other – for the greater good of the consumer, and assume i.e. expect an implied nature of having to engage in integration upon […]

Sometime ago I had expanded a Macbook Pro by adding a 2nd internal hard drive in lieu of the built-in DVD drive. Attaching an external DVD drive worked for data DVDs, however once I tried to play a DVD movie, I got a “Valid DVD Drive Could Not be Found [-70012]” error.  A bit of research on […]